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The 17th NCST will be held May 17-20, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Registration and hotel information is available here.

Since 1939 the National Congresses (formerly Conferences) on School Transportation have been held periodically with the primary objective of ensuring safe, efficient transportation for school children. Since 1980, the 300-plus delegates from around the country who comprise the NCST have convened each five years. The 16th NCST met on May 17-20, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa at the Airport Holiday Inn.

The delegates deliberated and adopted updates to the 2010 National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures (NSTSP). The Specifications and Procedures are the primary purpose and product of the Congresses, comprising the delegates' formal recommendations for vehicles, equipment, and operational practices that contribute to the objectives of safety and efficiency. As stated within the introduction to the NSTSP, its intended use is that "the specifications for school buses and procedures for operation are available for states to consider when establishing their standards, specifications, recommendations, and guidelines."

This website is intended for persons who are involved or just interested in the NCST. You will find links to the NCST's adopted Manual of Operating Procedures, the organizational chart, and other information necessary to an understanding of the NCST planning and processes. Whether you want to submit a request for an amendment or interpretation of the NSTSP or just browse for information, we hope you find the site useful.

We welcome your suggestions, and encourage you to email them to Patrick McManamon, Vice- Chairman of the 17th NCST Interim Steering Committee or to any of the other Steering Committee members.

Click here for the timeline and schedule of activities leading up to the 2020 Congress in Des Moines. All participants and interested parties should review and follow these timelines and deadlines for submitting suggested changes to Writing Committees and for planning and preparation for the Congress.



Change Proposals for Review by States
Click here to download the changes to the National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures (NSTSP) proposed by the Writing Committees. Any comments by states must be sent to Patrick McManamon by March 1, 2020.

Congress Registration Now Open (1/6/20)
State delegates and other interested parties may now register for the 17th NCST in Des Moines, Iowa by clicking here.
Information on reserving hotel rooms is provided during registration.

State directors of pupil transportation will be forming their state delegations to the 2020 National Congress shortly. You can find the state delegation selection procedures in the NCST Manual of Operating Procedures. For specific questions within your state, please contact your state director.

The printed copy of the 16th NCST manual ( the 2015 National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures)  is no longer available.  However, the manual remains available in PDF format as a free download here



2015 Revisions to National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures (NSTSP)- Please click HERE to view or download the changes contained in the 2015 NSTSP document in revisions format. Revisions to the NSTSP that were approved in 2015 by delegates to the 16th National Congress on School Transportation are indicated in amendatory format (strike-through for deletions, underline for additions).